Why My Wife Forgave Me For Cheating
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It all started when I decided to change my life and live for God back in July of 2008. I began by reconciling with my father, who is now deceased. I had a 5-year-old daughter, and my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, was pregnant with our son. I really started to seek a closer relationship with God. When I realized that we were “shacking up,” we set a wedding date. God saw that I was a man after his own heart, and that’s when the blessings really began. I was always compared to David in the bible, and as time went on, I started to understand why. I was selected to go on a major promotional tour and I married my wife two days before I left.

I was on tour for eight months, and for the first half of the time, things were going well. I was reading my Bible, writing a play based on my life with my father called Living Without Love and talking to my pastor. But none of that meant anything because I didn’t deal with the inner me before I left. I always had a lust problem and that very problem started to get the best of me because I didn’t really deal with it. I cheated on my wife with one of the models on the tour. That woman and I conceived a daughter. A year later, the tour was over, and I was faced with the reality that I now have two kids and my wife didn’t conceive one of them.

I openly confessed to my wife about what I’d done for two reasons. The first: I told God I would never bring a child into this world and not be a great father to it so I wasn’t going to hid my beautiful daughter. Secondly, I was also thankful that the lifelong gift the other woman gave me was a child and not a disease. It was hard for my wife and I at first, but I thank God that she forgave me and she didn’t ask for a divorce – we came very close. We split up for a few months, however. I was so stupid. I struggled with lust and now I realize that my biggest enemy was my inside me. Now, I’ve started to dig into the root of the problem and everything is under control because I had to change my own mind about how I wanted my life to go. In order to get different results, you must do something differently.

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My wife and I are now doing great in our marriage and it’s stronger than it ever was before. I’m a proud father of three and I realized that lust is my weakness, and I have confessed it and prayed for restoration. God has answered. I decided to write a production called “Voice of a Child” that touches on my infidelity, and in the production, the woman actually cheats on her man. I wrote it that way because I already knew what happens when a man cheats, the pain that causes and what happens when the woman decides to take him back, but I wanted to imagine what would happen if the tables were turned and how the same pain would play out, and how they would heal.

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