Why #FlexinMyComplexion Is Important
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This article originally appeared on MIMI

The hashtag #FlexinMyComplexion has been a trending topic on Twitter for the past few months, but it really took off when Twitter account @PoCBeauty asked 26,000 followers to join in on the conversation. PoCBeauty, a handle that celebrates women of color, kickstarted the hashtag that has now gone viral.

#FlexinMyComplexion is not meant to exclude, but instead create a space of acceptance and celebration for women with darker skin tones (women who tend to be left out of the mainstream definition of beauty). The video below shows firsthand what happens when you Google the term “beautiful skin.” Spoiler alert: Photos of white women with light complexions appear.

Writer Maisha Johnson said it best in the BBC video below, “It’s not about exclusion, it’s giving some space to people who usually don’t have space. It’s not about saying we’re more important and you can’t participate because you’re not beautiful, it’s about saying we don’t hear nearly enough that we’re beautiful and that’s what this is about.” We couldn’t agree with Johnson more and are thrilled the hashtag is giving women the power to express how beautiful they feel.

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