Who's Dating Who?

Who's Dating Who?
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 21, 2010

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Rumor Has It: The recently divorced Shaquille O’Neil has hooked up with many women over his illustrious basketball career. One that sticks out in particular is “Flavor of Love” season 1 winner, Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. Reports surfaced that the couple got engaged not too long ago, and even more recently Hoopz confirmed the couple’s pending nuptials via Twitter.

Cute Or Cut It Out?: Cut It Out. Who haven’t these two dated?

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Rumor Has It: Rob Kardashian, Kim’s younger brother supposedly facilitated courtship by passing along Brown’s phone number to Kim, and a texting relationship followed.

Cute or Cut It Out?: Cut It Out. We’re not sure if either one of them are over their ex’s.

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Rumor Has It: Melody Thorton aka the Black girl from the Pussycat Dolls allegedly has grown very fond of Mr. West. The pair raised eyebrows as they attended Fashion’s Night Out events together arm in arm, and were spotted together repeatedly throughout New York Fashion Week.

Cute or Cut It Out?: Cut It Out. What does Melody do again?

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Rumor Has It: Common has a thing for brown girls, and rumor has it that Common is dating hip-hop choreographer Fatima. They were spotted flirting and snuggling at a music festival in Atlanta recently, but we have not heard a confirmation or denial of a relationship yet.

Cute or Cut It Out?: Cute. Fatima has great presence and grace, this would be a win-win for both.

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Rumor Has It: Before Russell Simmons’ niece made headlines for being so stylish, there were rumors about a questionable friendship with Rob Kardashian. The two were spotted at a salon together getting pedicures.

Cute or Cut It Out?: Cute. Young, fly, and in love, why not?

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Rumor Has It: It started when a innocent picture was taken of the two sharing a burger in NYC. Then, the two showed up at Russell Simmons’ Art for Life gala in the Hamptons over the summer holding hands and kicking it. Just look at this picture from the event, he’s holding her tiiight.

Cute or Cut It Out?: Cut It Out. Supermodel Selita wears men like accessories. Ask Kanye, Ryan Howard, Marc Chamberlin, Osi Umenyiora, Nick Cannon…

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Rumor Has It: Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian’s ex Reggie Bush broke up from their previous relationships at around the same time.  After Amber supposedly jumped at the opportunity to give Bush a lap dance at an ESPY after-party, it should be no surprise that in July the two were spotted together way too close for comfort.

Cute or Cut It Out?: Cut It Out. If Reggie thought Kim had a crazy past with that sex tape, he would hate to see what he finds when he digs up ex-stripper Amber’s history.

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Rumor Has It: A few weeks ago celebs flocked to LA for MTV’s VMAs. During a pre-VMA soiree hosted by Songz, Jones and Songz embraced. This however wasn’t a church hug, Trey placed both his hands on her rear end, and they both looked lovingly into each others’ eyes. The next photo had his hands in tact and him kissing Jones on her shoulder.

Cute or Cute It Out?:</b? The verdict is out on this one. Let’s see…

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Rumor Has It: Although the couple played a scandalous practical joke on the world when they announced their faux marriage recently, many still believe that the Young Money rappers have something really brewing. 

Cute or Cut It Out?: Cute. Both are at the top of their game. They would make this generation’s power couple.


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