Whoopi Goldberg on Why She Won’t Get Married Again
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We could learn a thing or two about self-acceptance from Whoopi Goldberg.

Last night on Oprah’s Master Class, The View co-host shared how she came to accept that marriage just isn’t for her.

“I’m not a good marrying person,” Whoopi said with a laugh. “I always thought if I was married, I’d be closer to normal. But as it turns out, I’m just not normal and it’s something I’ve come to accept.”

Goldberg has been married three times and has a daughter, Alex Martin, from her first marriage to Alvin Martin who proposed to her while they were living together. 

The legendary comedian adds that she has no regrets about the decisions she’s made when it comes to love. “I’m okay on my path. I like my path. I like not having to explain myself constantly,” she said, adding that she no longer has much to give another person, making her unavailable for the “give and take” relationships require.

It takes a strong amount of self-awareness to admit that you’re not able to lead the conventional life society call us to. What do you think about Whoppi’s decision to remain single?