White Woman Calls Cops Because Black Woman Exits Parking Lot Incorrectly
Screenshot taken from Twitter
Another week, another Black person getting the cops called on them for a frivolous reason. This time the woman on the receiving end of the growingly common act was a store customer who “exited the wrong parking lane” according to the Twitter user who posted video of the incident. In the clip that lasts nearly half a minute, a white woman is seen on the phone with who is suspected to be law enforcement. At least one of the Black women involved can be seen approaching the woman and calling her a racist. The woman who will likely receive a nickname from the Twitterverse very soon, then says “Cut the n****r card out.” On the phone with the police, “Pearl” then says she is being “attacked” by the two Black women. The video is just one in a library of countless others that have popped up on social media as of late showing white women expressing inherent racism towards Black men and women. Just last month, another parking lot incident with a racist woman in North Carolina, ended in her losing a job. During that episode, two sisters were waiting for AAA in the parking lot of one of the sister’s homes. There they are confronted by a woman who throws a flurry of racial cliches at them and tells them they don’t belong. On the phone with police she can be heard telling authorities that the women were trying to break into homes. The growing list of macroagressions against Black people come at a time when many Americans consider the United States increasingly more divided.