White Supremacist Couple Charged With Hate Crime After Intentionally Running Over Black Teen
Multnomah County Sheriffs Office

The white supremacist couple, Russell Courtier and girlfriend Colleen Hunt, who were indicted after intentionally running over Vancouver teen, Larnell Bruce are now being charged with hate crime.

Last month, the couple was indicted with murder, adding charges of  first and second degree intimidation.

As of Monday, the couple faces a new charge, as their involvement in the murder of Bruce is being considered a hate crime, with the basis that “their perception of the race and color of Larnell Bruce [did] intentionally cause physical injury to Larnell Bruce,” reports KOIN.

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Courtier is affiliated with the European Kindred Oregon prison gang. He and his girlfriend deliberately chased down Bruce, who was on foot, in a Jeep after an altercation occurred at a 7-11.

The police had found Bruce bleeding from his ears and nose due to a brain injury after the couple had struck the teen with their vehicle. He was pronounced dead two days later.