I know they don’t teach any sensible version of U.S. History in American schools (fight me, I said what I said), but I really have to figure out the disconnect when seven high school students, all friends by all accounts, decide to take a photos of the white friends standing on the back of the black friend, leading to accusations of racism. According to AL.com, the picture drew swift backlash across Moody High School in St. Clair County, as well as the community, stirring racial tensions. “We got us one,” the caption of the photo quipped, showing six white boys with a boot each on top of a black student who is lying face down on the floor. “We have confirmed that all students involved are friends and participated voluntarily in creating the picture, which they say was intended to be a ‘joke’,” Principal Christopher Walters said in a statement. “The picture is offensive and unacceptable, and it does not reflect the values of our school, our students, or our community.” A “joke.” I really worry about  the sense of humor of the kids. I also just want to talk to the black student involved because, sir, you are gonna learn the hard way you cannot play that way with these white folk. And any person, regardless of race, gender or creed, who thinks its funny to step on you is not your friend. Apparently the photo was taken during a theme day where each class of students dressed up as one of four destinations: Hawaii, New Orleans, Dallas and Hollywood. It seems as if some of the “Dallas” students took it to the next level, proclaiming it “redneck day,” according to CBS42.  The mother of one of the students who was involved in the photo, insisted that the teens were “making fun of racist people” the news station notes. Another photo shows the whole group standing up, arms linked around one another smiling. The black student in the photo apologized on the news cast, saying that he “didn’t think about it when I first took the photos.” “I’d still like to say sorry again for anybody that I offended,” he added. “It was taken out of proportion,” one of the white students in the photo said. “If I could go back I wouldn’t have took the picture. I probably wouldn’t have even dressed up for that day.” But the damage has already been done, as to be expected. And all of the teens have reportedly been punished for their involvement. “All students involved will be disciplined appropriately. We will continue to educate our students on the values of dignity, equality, and decency and on the importance of making good decisions in life,” Superintendent Jenny Seals wrote in a statement. TOPICS: