White New York City Teacher Who Stepped On Black Students’ Backs During Slavery Lessons Wants To Sue Over Reverse Racism
Andrea Chu—Getty Images
In peak Caucasity, a white Bronx social studies teacher who is facing being fired after stepping on Black students’ backs during a lesson on slavery, is now claiming that she is the real victim of racism (literally, reverse racism) and intends to file a lawsuit, which her lawyer says could be worth up to $1 billion. According to the New York Daily News, the issue started back in February at Middle School 118, when Patricia Cummings picked out black students, told them to lie on the floor and stepped on their backs to show them what it felt like during a lesson on U.S. slavery, per the reports of  multiple students and one staffer. Now, Cummings has filed a notice of claim, filed in anticipation of a lawsuit, claiming that she is the real victim here of reverse discrimination, defamation, negligence and a litany of other claims.
“It’s a scandal,” Cummings’ attorney Tom Liotti said. “There is blatant racism and reverse discrimination in the public schools of New York City. This is why white parents do not want to send their children there.” And Liotti “It’s no longer the blacks and minorities who are being discriminated against…It is discrimination against white teachers who are making great sacrifices to be there.” To hear Cummings tell the story, she was merely using the opportunity given to her as a “teachable moment” after she showed a brief clip of the movie “Freedom.” Cummings said she asked for four students to volunteer to sit close to one another to demonstrate the “cramped conditions,” aboard slave ships, but refuted claims that children were made to lay on the floor and denied having contact with any of the students. Still, New York Department of Education spokesperson Doug Cohen said that the invesetigation into Cummings’ alleged behavior showed that she did use poor judgement.
“We’ve begun the process of firing Ms. Cummings based on an investigation of this unacceptable behavior and her performance as an educator,” Cohen said. “We’ll review this baseless lawsuit.”


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