On Tuesday, a good Samaritan was killed after being struck by a vehicle while removing debris from a Louisiana roadway on Tuesday and his white killer turned to social media to spew a racist recap of what transpired.

Louisiana State Police say that Sherell L. Lewis Jr. had stopped his vehicle on the side of the road to remove some debris when Matthew M. Martin struck him with his pickup truck. Lewis was pronounced dead at the hospital. It was Lewis’ 31st birthday.

Following the incident, Martin turned to Snapchat to share his experience, but also display the callous nature in which he was handling the incident.

“Y’all i just hit a whole guy on the highway,” he captioned one image of his red truck. The photo was also marked with three sob emoji. 

In another snap, a text message conversation is shown where Martin refers to Lewis as “some n*****

“It’s horrendous.” Rev. J.L. Franklin told WFAB 9. Franklin is the Lake Charles, La., NAACP President. “Our prayers are with the family, no doubt about that. But what is most devastating is the aftermath of that. The posts.”

The crash is still under investigation and routine toxicology tests are pending. 

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