White House Turns Away Foreign Born Middle Schoolers For Not Having Proper ID
Alex Wong/Getty Images
For the eight years that former First Lady and President Barack Obama held the reins, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was affectionately referred to as “The People’s House.” However, it seems as though its current residents have thrown that moniker out of the window. According to the New York Post, three New Jersey students were recently denied access to the White House because they didn’t have the proper I.D. The bad news came after the middle-schoolers rode through an unexpected snowstorm on Nov. 15 that multiplied the intended travel time to the nation’s capital. From there, the three foreign students, who were visiting with classmates, chaperones, and their principal, were told by Secret Service agents that because they didn’t have passports or any other acceptable identification, they would have to wait outside while the rest of their group proceeded with the tour. A dad was quoted in the story as saying, “They are here on visas, but they didn’t bring any of that stuff. They didn’t have any ID on them.” According to official White House rules, “All foreign nationals, regardless of age, must show a valid passport to enter.” The White House Security Form Instructions also states that “The White House confirms or denies tours within two weeks prior to the requested tour date.” Parents told The Post that the organizers of the trip did not verify that all Henry Hudson students had the appropriate I.D. to attend. The three students who were not allowed in stayed with their principal Lenore Kingsmore, who was described as “very upset” over the treatment of the schoolkids. In the last year, the White House has separated migrant children from their parents, locked them up in cages, and even used tear gas on those seeking safety within U.S. borders. It appears that turning them away for a White House visit can also be added to the growing list of insensitive acts against foreign children.

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