When We All Vote: Call Your #VotingSquad To Show Up And Show Out
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
The decisive midterm elections are literally a mere 11 days away, and When We All Vote Co-Chair (and forever first lady) Michelle Obama is calling for her #VotingSquad to help get everyone out to the polls to exercise their civil rights on Nov. 6. #VotingSquad is a digital campaign that calls on Americas to get their friends and family to the polls, whether through early voting, by-mail voting, casting their absentee ballots or physically making it to their designated polling place on election day. “You are the best messengers to get out the vote. You know who’s too busy or too forgetful or who might flake out on Election Day. I want you to reach out to five people in your life, in your family, at your school, your congregation, wherever. Just pick at least five people for your Voting Squad,” Obama says in a new video campaign. “Then do whatever it takes to get them to vote. Tag each other on Instagram and Facebook. Post group photos. Put everybody on a text chain. And then get to the polls on or before November 6th. Because when we all vote, we all do better.” So you know what to do. Call up your #VotingSquad, and make sure every is good to go, because Nov. 6 is literally right around the corner. And if you have any questions, When We All Vote has got you covered with the tools available on its website to make the voting process smooth for you.


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