This is a bit of a struggle for me, but I must speak the truth in love. So, please don’t charge my heart or shoot the messenger while I deliver a word of beauty advice.  I’m really tired of looking at bad weaves! I see them in the airport, on the train, at the gym, and walking down the street.  Oh, I can go on and on, but I’ll fall back. My philosophy about the issue is this:  whatever is done right, works and whatever is done out of ignorance, just leads to a bad presentation. In this case, it’s a bad weave.   A wise person once told me that it costs to be the boss, and so I say the same thing to you. If you’re a boss lady, you must present yourself as such. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, you must remember that star power is selling power, baby! Funny thing is some of the nicest people have been spotted with bad weaves. You must do your research first, girl, then ask your self three key questions: 1. Am I willing to do my homework about something I know nothing about, so that I’m able to articulate that information to the artist? 2. Am I prepared to pay $ for excellence? 3. Who would be the best artist for the job? If you are prepared to ask and answer these questions, then you just might be on your way to a really good weave experience. Here are the rules to navigating weave lingo:
  • Never say tracks again it’s either a filler or a personality piece.
  • A filler is additional hair that is the same color and texture as your natural hair to create thickness and/or length.
  • A personality piece is additional hair that serves as a highlight or low light to create color contrast.
  • Don’t ever say  “track”, there is no railroad on the top of your head!
So now you’re in the know! Many women use hair pieces to camouflage hair loss. A common cause of hair loss is Traction Alopecia due primarily to pulling forces on the scalp hairline or “temple”. This excessive tension leads to breakage. Having said that, the braid should be looser around the hairline. You may have to tighten that area every 3-5 weeks so you won’t compromise the integrity of your hairline. Read the rest of the Hair Architect’s blog entry here.   Read More:

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