The decision by Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia Thomas, to ask Anita Hill for an apology has sparked a firestorm of debate. Should Hill apologize, and did Thomas have any right to ask for an apology? We reached out to our Facebook readers to find out what they thought. Here’s what they had to say: Jewel said via Facebook “Some women always want to blame the other [woman], when it’s their man or husband who needs give them the respect that they deserve. I used to live where Virginia Thomas’ does — in denial.” Patricia said via Facebook: “Sure this is America, she has the right to ask whatever just like any other.” Rita said via Facebook: “Instead of her calling Anita for an apology, she needs to check her husband because he might be doing the same thing.” Pamela said via Facebook: ” Ginny” has a constitutional right to ask for an apology and Anita has a constitutional right to tell [Mrs.] Thomas where to stick it.” Camille said via Facebook: “Mrs Thomas should apologize for trying to tear another woman down.” Mik said via Facebook: “This is all one huge publicity stunt to bring attention to her Tea Party political views.”