Is marriage just for rich folks now? A new study by the Pew Research Center in conjunction with TIME magazine seems to suggest just that. The study — the same one that found 40 percent of Americans think marriage is obsolete — also found that Americans with low income and education levels are less likely to marry than those who are financially stable. Why the wedding gap? It turns out that while Americans of low economic and social status are just as likely as their well-off counterparts to want to get married, they want to be financially sound before they tie the knot. The catch is, in this economic environment, that may never happen. The marriage rate has declined by 20 percent in the last 50 years, and the study hints that the drop is class-based. In 1960, people with college degrees were only 4 percent more likely to get hitched. In 2008 that divide widened to 16 percent. Are you the marrying kind? How important is it for you to be financially stable before you walk down the aisle?