“What is the most memorable thing a woman has ever done to get your attention?”

“There was a woman in my building that I’d encountered in the parking lot a few times. One night she left a note on my car door with her name and number. Yes, I called, and we’re still friends.” —Marcus C., 34, business analyst

“I was out of town on business, and my lady friend called the hotel’s room service and ordered all my favorite foods for me—turkey bacon, egg whites, grits, toasted wheat bread, orange juice and a small fruit platter.” —Mike S., 39, comedian

“A beautiful young lady told me I was ‘thick like corn bread.’ It was corny, but it made me laugh. That was two years ago, and that country girl and I are still together.” —Richard M., 31, IT project manager

“I had a college basketball game, and the woman I was dating said she wasn’t going to be in town to see me play. I was subbed out the game, and when I got to the bench I looked up and she was there. We dated for six years.” —Jarrell G., 27, television producer/DJ

“A woman was in front of me at the checkout line. When it was my turn to pay, the cashier gave me a note with the woman’s phone number and a request that I cook for her sometime. The following week I invited her to dinner at my apartment.” —Vincent L., 30, fashion designer