“They’re tougher than anyone else, but they still have a tenderness to them. I love women who can be stubborn and opinionated, but at the same time have a soft and nurturing side.” —René M., 38, computer consultant.





“What’s not to love? Black women just have so much flavor. I love everything—the way they wear their hair, their bodies, their attitudesabsolutely everything!” —Chaz K., 24, architectural student




“I have to do a double take whenever I see a Black woman with a shapely figure. There is absolutely nothing sexier than a woman who has curves in all the right places.” —Giles R., 22, student




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“A Black woman will call you on your BS. I appreciate someone who’ll be real with me.” —Kevin N., 31, education achievement manager





“There’s nothing more attractive than a Black woman in heels. I love watching them walk with that air of confidence and sophistication; it’s a great complement to their natural beauty.” —Steve M., 33, real estate agent



“I appreciate the range of Black women’s complexions—the gorgeous spectrum of browns. Combine that with their shapes and styles, and they are irresistibly sexy.”  —Harold B., 31, project manager




“I love their drive. They willingly embrace challenges and always succeed.”                       —Noel B., 40, security manager

“I could go on for hours about what I love about them! But I’m particularly moved by Black women’s confidence and passion. It’s their values and their hard work that keep Black families together.”