“How would you like to be romanced?”

“My day-to-day is very intense, so I’d like my lady to do something that relieves stress and adds to my leisure, such as giving me a massage or aromatherapy. I’m for anything that settles me down. Beyond that, I’m very basic. I love a nice meal, good music and good company.” —Todd T., 32, magazine publisher

“I enjoy music, so my evening would include a nice Luther Vandross CD. Maybe we could get away to the mountains or the countryside and have good conversation to learn more about each other. I don’t want any phones or laptops to distract us.” —Theodore J., 30, celebrity barber

“I like a woman who can take charge. I’m a leader most of the day, so for my woman to take over would be great. A night at home with a cooked meal, some wine and nice music is all I need, as long as her heart is in it. If she’s up for it, we can also add rose petals, sensual massages and a bubble bath.” —William P., 32, creative director

“It’s all about the little things. I travel often for my job, but I get nervous every time I get on a plane. A text message saying ‘I hope you’re doing well’ shows me you care. I also work out a lot, so if my weight gloves are getting tattered, your surprising me with a new pair would be a great romantic gesture.” —Morris M., 26, research analyst

“It would be great for a woman to take me someplace like [southern] Europe or South America, where the sun sets over the sand. Let’s get on a plane, go to an island where no one knows us and have some fun. I want to be on the beach or in the pool, skinny-dipping.” —Raymond J., 50, accounting firm partner