Like it or not, first impressions do matter. Second and third impressions do too – especially in the dating world. Admit it, you want to be wanted and liked by your suitor. We all do! No man or woman wants to be told they’re not the best choice or the most favorable candidate for love. The trouble is that our desire to be liked often drives us to be someone other than ourselves.

Some of us never show up for dates (especially the first ones), because we’ve sent our representatives instead — a make believe character that you think the person sitting across the table will find more interesting than you. It seems like a brilliant idea at the time, but your “rep” could cost you the date. When you’re not being authentic it will ultimately come back to bite you, of this I’m sure. Don’t do things to impress him, do you — that’s what he’ll find most impressive. But, these 10 other “things” most women think will, just won’t. Ladies, listen and learn.