What Are President Obama’s Plans Post White House?
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In just a few short years, President Barack Obama will move out of the White House and settle into a quiet life as a civilian. At least that’s what we think he’ll do.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Commander-in-Chief has other plans and they involve television.

“At least I know what I want to do when I retire… host ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 list,” joked Obama after a recent speech at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DreamWorks Animation campus in Glendale, California.

The famous countdown features everything under the sun, all in the name of good sports entertainment.

Robert Iger, chairman of Disney (which also owns ESPN), chuckled at the joke but didn’t comment on giving Obama a job.

“Everyone had a good giggle,” said one onlooker.

If the hosting gig doesn’t pan out, Obama certainly has a career in music.