North Carolina Principal Visited All 220 Seniors To Celebrate Graduation

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of many celebrations and events, however, one North Carolina principal made sure to find a way to cheer on his seniors on their graduation, visiting each one of the 220 graduates.

According to ABC News, West Craven High School principal Tabari Wallace, along with a group of teachers, drove to each student’s home on April 27 to congratulate the student in person. Wallace dressed appropriately for the special occasion of course, donning a cap and a gown, and carrying a sign with each student’s senior class photo.

“We decided to deliver signs along with a parade…because we believe that they’ve been through enough and that’s the least we can do,” Wallace told the network.

He revealed that the students still wanted a traditional ceremony, and the joy of walking across a stage, noting that the school plans to honor that wish later in the year.

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“We asked each senior to let that sign serve as a bridge until we can get them across the traditional stage,” he said. “Our kids elected, through student voice, that they wanted a traditional graduation with all the pomp and circumstance, so this particular school is going to make sure that our kids graduate on August 1 or December 19.”

In the meantime, Wallace hopes that seniors all across the country will be able to keep their heads up during this unprecedented time, noting that he was proud of the young people.

“To all other graduates, I tell you right now. We believe in you. We trust in you. We’re proud of you,” he said. “And we definitely empathize with what you’re going through. You keep your head up high because you are the testament of the 21st century. Perseverance through the face of danger. And then we all come out on top.”