Wendy Raquel Robinson has been on-the-go these past few weeks promoting her hit show, “The Game” but despite getting only three hours of sleep last night, the actress looks like a glowing goddess sitting in the ESSENCE offices.

So, what’s the secret to Robinson’s everyday flawlessness? The “Game” star admits that while she’s on the road she has a great team that helps her pull it together, but outside of the glitz and glam, Robinson actually prefers to keep her hair routine simple.

“I’m very easy going and low maintenance when it comes to my hair,“ Robinson shared in a recent chat with ESSENCE.com. “Thank God I have a glam squad for the show, because doing all this hair is definitely work for me. When I’m not working, it’s braided up or in a ponytail.”

While Robinson maintains that she’s easy-breezy when it comes to her hair routine, she’s definitely willing to spice things up for the special man in her life. Robinson recently gushed about her hubby of nine years who she says “keeps it real” with her and adores her various looks.

“He likes it short, he likes it long, he likes me nappy,” Robinson says with a laugh. “He likes me to change it up more than anything.”

Luckily, change is something Robinson can relate to very well, particularly as it relates to her character Tasha Mack on “The Game.” It’s no secret that Tasha’s been through a lot of life changes, and with every up and down, the diva seems to have a new hairstyle too.

“This particular season you’ll see that Tasha is searching for so much in her life and she is constantly changing,” reveals Robinson. “That’s the one thing we have in common is I do like change and I like to change my hair because I’ll get restless.”

Check out Robinson work her fierce hair on “The Game” every Tuesday night at 10p.m. EST on BET.

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