Wells Fargo Rejects ‘Black Lives Matter’ Customized Debit Card Design
Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Imagine if you decided to customize your debit card with a Black Lives Matter symbol, and it was rejected. 

Well, that is what Baltimore city school teacher Rachel Nash experienced when she tried to get such a card with Well Fargo.

Nash, who is White, designed a custom card featuring a Black power fist and the words “Black Lives Matter,” The Washington Post reports. She chose this design because she has supported the movement since the death of Freddie Gray, also from Baltimore. But Nash soon received an email from the bank saying her design did not meet the company’s guidelines. The problem was due to the words “Black Lives Matter,” a customer service rep told Nash.

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“She said that if ‘Black Lives Matter’ were on my card, it might offend people,” Nash told the Post. A supervisor called the message “offensive and antisocial.”

A Wells Fargo spokesman explained it further saying that Nash’s image broke with a company policy that “prohibits political and trademarked or copyrighted images.”

“Wells Fargo respects individuals’ right to their opinions and causes, and when Wells Fargo rejects or approves an image, that’s not a reflection of Wells Fargo’s rejection or endorsement of the customer’s political view or cause,” they followed up in a statement.
To add pettiness to the equation, Nash has submitted another design to Wells Fargo saying, “Black People Are Important,” the Post reports. But it appears that it will also be rejected because of its “political nature,” Wells Fargo responded. Womp!