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Whether you’ve been to Brazil or not, one thing’s certain: the sweltering climate inspired the beauty technique that many women practice throughout the world—Brazilian Bikini Wax. Now, the state Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling will meet on April 14 to determine whether genital waxing should be outlawed after two women in New Jersey were hospitalized after contracting severe infections following the procedure, according to Associate Press.

The dangers of genital waxing can result in irritations, ingrown hairs or even rashes caused by the tearing or breakage of the skin following the application of the hot wax to the genital area. Consumers should always be careful about the facilities in which they receive these procedures as well as their own cleanliness following the procedure.

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Still, some argue that the government getting involved  in such matters  violates an individual’s privacy and that other cosmetic treatments such as tattooing could also end in skin irritations or possible infections. “You’d be surprised how many sisters actually go there and how silky and smooth it makes your skin feel,” says one African-American New Jersey female resident who prefers to remain anonymous. “The government just needs to mind their business and recognize that our privates are just that–private–and not open for discussion.”