Watch What Happens When A Man Eats Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for BET

Patti LaBelle impersonators beware–there’s a new star in town.

That new impersonator goes by the name of James Wright Chanel and he is everything!

After seeing a recommendation for the newly released collection of pies from the Patti LaBelle culinary collection, Chanel ventured to Walmart to buy one…or five…of the delectable sweet treats.

“I went and bought the Patti LaBelle pie,” he began. “This is the Patti addition honey!”



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Patti LaBelle I have to say girl you did it with this pie.Posted by James Wright Chanel on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In a Facebook video, that has since gone viral, Chanel makes a hilarious review of the pie while channeling his love, Ms. LaBelle, all along the way.

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Rambling off some lines from LaBelle’s classic songs such as, “On My Own,” “If You Only Knew,” “Isn’t It A Shame,” “When You’ve Been Blessed,” and “Lady Marmalade,” Chanel said, “you’ll feel like Patti LaBelle after eating this.”

The hit video review has since prompted shoppers to purchase the songstresses dessert and tag videos of their reactions with the hashtag #PattiLaBellePie.

With the popularity of the video, which was posted for the first time on Wednesday night, it has received over 5 million views, was posted on Twitter by the singer, and prompted Chanel to receive a personal phone call from his fave.

We CANNOT stop laughing at Chanel’s exuberance! WIll you be heading to Walmart to pick up a Patti Pie?