It has been four months since racial unrest rocked the campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, but a group of student filmmakers want to keep the conversation alive.

Through Her Eyes: A Mizzou Student Opens Up About the Tensions Plaguing Her Campus

Yesterday afternoon, three Mizzou students released “Concerned Student 1950,” a 30-minute documentary that has followed campus protests—through both the anger and the tears—since August.

“[Student protestors] really understood that we’re not from some newspaper or website trying to get a few pictures to put on the internet and make a paycheck,” filmmaker Adam Dietrich told The Intercept. “They really understood that we were there to be there, to really absorb as much as we could.”

Why Did It Take Student Athletes to Ignite Change at the University of Missouri?

Watch the documentary in full below, and leave us a note sharing your thoughts on the film.