Watch ‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Go Head-To-Head With White Supremacist Fave Tomi Lahren
Paul Zimmerman

On Tuesday night, alt-right (read White Supremacist) fave and television personality Tomi Lahren stopped by The Daily Show to talk with host Trevor Noah about the election, race, Black Lives Matter––which Lahren once compared to the KKK––Colin Kaepernick, and immigration.

It’s a frustrating segment to watch as Noah and Lahren go back and forth. Lahren refuses to budge on her troubling, murky, and hateful rhetoric and watching Noah argue with her is kind of like watching him argue with a brick wall. When Noah addresses her comment about Black Lives Matter, Lahren says, “Because I criticized a Black person or the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t mean I’m anti-Black. It doesn’t mean I don’t like Black people or that I’m racist. I don’t see color.”

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Yes, the old “I don’t see color” argument. Noah pauses, but sharply comes back with, “You don’t see color? So what do you do at a traffic light?”

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Lahren becomes slightly unhinged when the discussion moves to Colin Kaepernick. She agrees that the football player has the right to protest the National Anthem, but feels it’s unfair that she’s criticized for criticizing his protest: “So because I don’t agree with what he did, I should shut up because I’m White? I should shut up? I shouldn’t be able to talk about Black issues because I’m White?”

At no point during the discussion is Lahren attacked because of her race, which Noah makes sure to point out, saying, “No one brought up White at all. I never said that. I don’t see color.”

Following the segment, the Tomi host took to Twitter, writing, “If I was a liberal snowflake I would complain @TheDailyShow wasn’t “fair.” Instead I stand my ground & take it. 6 of 26 min interview aired.”

If you can stomach Lahren or just need a reason to roll your eyes today, then watch the clip below.