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WATCH: Chicago Teacher Drops Fire Bars To Welcome 4th Grade Class

Mr. Reed's class is about to be lit.
Chicago Teacher Drops Fire Bars To Welcome 4th Grade Class

Instead of sending out another newsletter to welcome students back and inform parents of what’s ahead for the school year, first year teacher Dwayne Reed decided to do something different.

Reed sent a music video — complete with a catchy rap about all the things fourth-grade — to parents and students. 

“I wanted a cool way to introduce myself to the students and the parents I was going to have. I think I’m somewhat gifted at music. It’s simply a way for me to try to connect with my students,” Reed told NBC Chicago.

Sue O’Neill, the principal of Jane Stenson Elementary School in Skokie, says she’s excited to be working with Reed. “I think he’s going to bring a lot of creativity and I just think the kids are going to relate to him really well.”

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The video has been spreading all over the Internet with YouTube and Reddit users offering to donate school supplies. “

That would be so amazing, I would love for them to donate supplies to my kids. A lot of the students here are low income,” Reed said.

Reed, who at one point in the video also channels President Obama, says he doesn’t care how cheesy the video is, as long as it helps students engage and excel. He believes that music is a great way of getting student’s attention since it’s such a big part of everyone’s life. And for those who’ve posted negative comments or believe that Reed’s enthusiasm will fade over time, he says, “My joy, my enthusiasm, my passion isn’t necessarily tied or weighed down by teaching. I have that joy, that enthusiasm for every aspect in my life.”

Check out the video below: