is reporting that Whitney Houston‘s ex-husband Bobby Brown may have been turned away from her funeral this afternoon.

“Bobby was outside the church,” a source at the New Hope Baptist Church tells People. “He hugged his brother and then got in a car, and they drove him off. They wouldn’t let him in.”

There are conflicting reports as to why exactly Bobby Brown left early from the memorial.

HLN tweeted, “Bobby Brown went inside the church. He walked by Whitney’s casket and then came back up the aisle. His eyes were red, and his head was down.”

TMZ reports that Bobby Brown was asked to leave after he got into an argument with Whitney’s family over whether or not he could bring nine people into the ceremony with him. He was invited, plus two guests.

Reverend Al Sharpton tweeted from the church: “I am at Whitney’s funeral. I spoke with Bobby Brown trying to calm him down and not distract from the services. Today is about Whitney!”

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