Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother Would Support Death Penalty For Men Charged In Son’s Death
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Wanda Cooper-Jones, who has been fighting adamantly for justice in her son, Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting death for more than two months, is calling for everyone involved to be “prosecuted to the highest,” up to and including the death penalty.

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“I would like for all hands that were involved, that played a part in my son’s murder to be prosecuted to the highest,” she told TMZ when asked what swift justice would look like for her.

TMZ released an interview with the grieving mother on Tuesday, where she acknowledged, when asked, that if the death penalty were on the table, she would “totally agree with it.”

“Coming from my point of view my son died, so they should die as well,” Cooper-Jones said.

In the meantime, Cooper-Jones says she’s been in contact with Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes, who was recently appointed to lead the prosecution of Gregory and Travis McMichael, the father and son duo who are charged with murder in the case.

Cooper-Jones said that Holmes offered assurances, although she declined to go into details. The mother did say, however, that she was confident that with the counsel that she has attained, and the newly assigned district attorney, there will be justice for Ahmaud.


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