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Video Shows White Cop Beating Black Motorist During Routine Traffic Stop

The incident comes the same week White nationalists riot in Charlottesville, many of whom claimed they were oppressed.



An Ohio police officer is on administrative leave after a video of the officer assaulting a Black motorist during a routine traffic stop was posted on Facebook.

In video captured by a bystander, the unnamed officer is seen straddling 25 year-old Richard Hubbard III and slamming his head into the pavement. The officer then squats on Hubbard’s stomach and punches his face and head as another officer attempts to restrain Hubbard.

The Euclid Police Department spokesman said, “This entire incident will be reviewed, in detail, so that the public can have a full and open understanding of the series of events that led to this violent encounter.”

The EPD also released a report that said the incident began when Hubbard failed to come to a complete stop at a traffic light. The released dash cam video shows the events that led up to the exchange.   At the traffic stop, Hubbard was ordered out of the car. Police say Hubbard ignored the officer’s commands and the situation turned volatile soon after.  

Hubbard was examined in the Cuyahoga County Jail Euclid Annex. He was also charged with resisting arrest and driving under suspension.  The unnamed officer was treated and released from another city hospital.

Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail said “The videos of the incident on Saturday morning raise some very serious concerns. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that all use of force by police are both lawful and justified. I can assure you the incident will be reviewed thoroughly and appropriate action will be taken.”

On Monday, protestors assembled outside city hall to protest the incident.  

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