Victims of Chicago Police Abuse Receive $5.5 Million in Reparations
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that decades after police tortured 57 people, the victims have received payment from the city for the damage done.

Chicago to Offer $5 Million in Reparations to Victims of Police Brutality

The innocent inviduals were tortured by former corrupt police commander Jon Burge and several other members of the police force by methods of suffocation, shock, and physical harm in order to secure false confession statements beginning in the 1970s and into 90s.

City Council members approved the payment package, a move Mayor Rahm Emanuel supported wholeheartedly.

“Reparations is not a necessity,” Emanuel stated. “But it is a moral compunction and a moral reckoning to right a wrong. There is no statute of limitations on that.”

Although the statute of limitations involving Burge’s torture had expired before a case conviction could be made, he was incarcerated in 2010 on crimes perjury in a civil case for four years.

Most of the victims received checks that totaled $100,000.