In what is turning out to be a messy custody battle, Tameka Raymond is now accusing her ex-husband Usher of committing substance abuse around their kids.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Tameka is taking Usher to court due to his repeated violations of their agreement as a co-parent under their divorce decree. Tameka is now seeking full custody of their two children claiming Usher failed to get her approval on hiring nannies and closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card.

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Now Tameka is also alleging that Usher has been popping pills and other illegal substances when the kids are around. In order to prove her point, Tameka is demanding that her legal reps urgently request to have Usher take a drug test.

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Usher has reportedly refused to participate in the drug test on grounds that Tameka’s claims are “frivolous and unfounded.” There’s no word yet from Usher’s reps on the custody battle.

We sure hope this legal battle is resolved quickly for the sake of the children.

Do you think Usher should take a drug test?


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