There’s a lot of talk about how to recession-proof your relationship. But just because the economy is shaky doesn’t mean your relationship has to be as well. Find out how these uncertain times can bring the certainty (and spice) back to your relationship.

It’s time to get honest about money
With credit so tight, most people have no choice but to come clean about money. A recent poll found that 39% of couples were more open to making financial decisions as a team because of the recession. Get on the straight talk express with regards to your financial situation. That means less secret spending and more financial transparency from both of you.

You’re doing it for love
We’ll admit it’s hard to root for love when every day statistics are telling us relationships are the recession’s biggest casualty. If ever there was a time to go to battle for your love, it’s now. Think like a unit and remind each other why you made the commitment to begin with.

You have more time for sex

Spending more time at home means more chances of engaging in intimate acts like kissing, holding hands and hugging, which can lead to more sex. Studies also show that couples who watch less television have more sex, so turn off the tube to turn on the sex drive.

You’re changing your lifestyle
The recession has taught everyone to count their pennies. Create a checklist of extravagances you’re willing to forgo and have fun coming up with alternatives. Instead of a weekend out of town, for example, take in the tourist sites in your hometown.

You’re cooking more

Being cash-strapped means you’re becoming more creative in the kitchen. You may not throw down like his mama, but he’ll love your resourcefulness.

You’re revising your roles

Like it or not we all have designated roles in a relationship. While you may have been earning less than your man before, things have changed, and it may be time for you to take on a new role like covering more expenses than before. Openly discussing your new roles will lead to more understanding in the future.

It’s a chance to do more activities together

Discovering something new together is a great way to bond. Get out and try something new like bikram yoga or rock climbing. Stepping out of your comfort zone, together, keeps you laughing and the relationship fresh.

It’s a chance to set goals together

Don’t throw that dream trip to Miami in the bag just yet. Create a joint account for extra money you have here and there. It may take a while, but you’ll love watching your money grow.

You’re learning about patience
Let’s face it, spending more time ups the chances of nitpicking each other’s flaws. Never mind that he doesn’t squeeze the toothpaste the way you like and remember to focus on the big picture.

You have time to get in each other’s ‘world’

On Saturday morning you go to the salon, he goes to the gym. Too often your activities outside the home never coincide. Invite him to your world once in a while. Who knows, you may be able to finally convince him to get the mani/pedi he so desperately needs.

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