With more news of Tiger Woods’ infidelity surfacing every day, his wife Elin Nordegren has been weighing her options and is said to have been in talks with top divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope. People.com explored how much Tiger, who’s net worth amounts to some $600 million, stands to lose if Nordegren decides to go ahead with the divorce. Family law experts say the couple’s custody and prenuptial agreements and the location of the divorce filing all play a part in how much Woods will have to shell out.

Apparently infidelity might not play such a big role in the divorce as you think. According to People, Woods and Nordegren’s prenuptial agreement must state that infidelity yields specific terms, in order for it to be a factor.

In terms of assets, Florida, where the couple resides, does not split property 50-50. “You have to divide the assets equitably, but that doesn’t necessarily mean equally,” Stanford University law professor Richard Banks told the “Los Angeles Times”. “In fact, the greater the pot of money, the less likely a court is to split it evenly. …whoever makes the money generally gets to keep it.”