According to NBC, the two New York City EMTs who allegedly disregarded the pleas of dying pregnant mother Eutisha Rennix as she lay on the floor of an Au Bon Pain cafe in Brooklyn, NY could face jail time for “ignoring” the now-deceased woman. So far Jason Green, 32, and Melissa Jackson, 32, have been suspended from their jobs with the FDNY without pay while law enforcers carry on their investigation.
“Investigators are working to determine if they left with their breakfast instead of helping Rennix, who was six months pregnant. Witnesses said the EMTs told workers at the cafe to call 911 and then left when they were asked to help the 25-year-old woman. She died later at a hospital. The baby died as well,” the NBC article reads.
The EMT’s lawyer Douglas Rosenthal says his clients are being pre-judged.
“While I cannot discuss any charges, as none have been served yet, I am confident the true facts and evidence will establish my clients acted appropriate to the best of their abilities,” Rosenthal told the NY Post.