A source close to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office tells The Daily Beast prosecutors have decided not to pursue a murder charge against Michael Jackson’s physician Dr. Conrad Murray. The DA will instead seek a manslaughter indictment because the case has become so complex, adds the source.

Jackson’s death was initially ruled a homicide from “acute propofol intoxication” and, according to leaked affidavits, Murray admitted to having given MJ the powerful anesthesia hours before his death. But a toxicology report showed there was a mixture of drugs in Jackson’s system, requiring the DA’s office to hire outside medical experts and complicating the results even more. The case is becoming the DA’s office’s more expensive probes, says the source.

In the meantime Dr. Murray has reopened his medical clinic in Houston. A source on his defense team tells The Daily Beast the reception to Dr. Murray’s reopening has gone so well he is considering reopening his Las Vegas practice early next year. 

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