Not every successful director, playwright and actor has a rag-to-riches
tale, but Tyler Perry does. In fact, the New Orleans native wears his days
of homelessness just beneath his sleeves as a passionate reminder of how
much he has to be grateful for and to help those in need whenever he can.

It’s the reason that upon learning that the Hosea Feed the Hungry and the
Homeless care center needed volunteers to help donate food, the 39-year-old
rushed to contribute enough to feed a 1,000 families for two weeks in his
current homemtown of Atlanta. On Tuesday, he rolled up his sleeves and got
busy unloading and packaging food at the center, where many locals have
sought help in the midst of this failing economy.

”I’ve been out on the street, I know what it’s about,” said the ”The
Family That Preys” (Link to our articles and galleries) director. ”I
couldn’t imagine doing that with children looking at me for food. I had to
do something.”

Even Perry’s friend and actress Tasha Smith, who has costarred in Perry’s
“Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Why Did I Get Married?,”can attest to his
generosity. “Tyler Perry is the epitome of the scripture ‘for whatsoever a
man sows, that he will also reap.’  He gets because he gives.  Tyler puts
his money where his dream is, even if his dream is someone else’s future.”

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