After the late rapper Tupac Shakur made a virtual appearance at the Coachella Music Festival, sales of his Greatest Hits album have seen 571% percent increase reports

The surge in sales was enough to earn Shakur’s 1998 album the 129th spot on the Bilboard 200 chart, its first return to the charts since 2000. Four thousand copies of the album were sold this week according to Nielsen SoundScan. The rapper’s other albums also saw gains, including “All Eyez On Me,” which sold 2,000 copies an increase of 95% over the prior week, and “Me Against the World” which sold 1,000 copies with a 53% increase.

Tupac’s biggest selling single of the week was “Hail Mary,” the song performed during the rapper’s hologram performance. The song moved 13,000 online downloads last week for a 1,530% sales increase.

Tupac’s hologram performance featuring Snoop Dogg was reportedly viewed 3.4 million times on YouTube following it’s April 15 debut at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA.