Trump Press Secretary Makes Embarrassing Reference To MLK Jr. During White House Presser
Drew Angerer

Earlier today, Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer held a press conference to speak about a few of the things at the top of Trump’s priority list and address some of the most recent criticisms of his many questionable first decisions as President. 

Spicer took questions from the press following his opening remarks, offering scattered, vague responses to many of the valid inquiries from reporters. When the topic of Trump still having yet to meet with prominent civil rights leaders in the midst of several highly-publicized meetings with African-American celebrities and athletes in recent weeks, Spicer had little to say to remedy the criticisms.

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“I talked to the current head of the NAACP, who is accusing this administration of something called stereotyping by omission, saying that the President has met with athletes and entertainers, but yet has not met with civil rights leaders,” veteran journalist April Ryan said. “During his inauguration speech, he talked about inner cities, urban areas being riddled with gang violence, and drugs. What is the agenda? What are you planning?”

When Spicer’s response to the reporter’s question included an incorrect reference to Martin Luther King Jr., the press pool quickly ensured that he was made aware of his embarrassing mistake.

While Spicer incorrectly stating MLK III’s name may have indeed been an honest mistake, it only adds to the growing list of indicators proving just how out of touch this administration is with Black communities. Moreover, using the poor excuse that “it’s only day two” in response to the lack of outlined plans for making positive changes in Black communities offers little hope that effectively addressing issues affecting African-Americans are on the radar period for this administration.