Trump Is Up and Now The Canadian Immigration Site, The Peso and the Dow Are Down — Yikes!

If you saw a tweet about the Canadian Immigration information site crashing and laughed. You shouldn’t have. It’s not a joke. It happened and it keeps happening.

The more and more the electoral votes stack up in Donald Trump’s favor and it looks like he will become the next president of the United States, the more Americans appear to be visiting Canada’s immigration site for answers.

According to multiple news reports, the country’s immigration site has crashed sporadically due to an overload in traffic as more and more shocking U.S. election results pour in by the hour.

While the idea of Americans attempting to make a mass exodus to Canada seems depressing enough, it looks like Mexicans may have an even bigger problem on their hands. Mexico’s peso has dropped to its lowest-ever level on Tuesday nigh just as Trump began to win key battleground states in the election.

And, not to be outdone, it’s being reported that the stock market is also taking a major hit. The Dow futures have plunged more than 750 points as the election results roll out.

America is officially freaking out.