Meagan Good & Grace Gealey’s Husbands Celebrity Doppelgängers

Devon Franklin and Trai Byers are more than just celebrity doppelgängers.

Devon and Trai along with their wives Meagan Good and Grace Gealey are couple besties.  

Over the weekend the couples collaborated for a panel discussion on faith, love and success at the Merge Summit.

What a blessing today was! #themerge 2016 was incredible! It was an honor and a blessing to participate.

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While promoting their upcoming discussion, Devon insists that he and Trai are really two different people. “ will see that @traibyers & I are really 2 different people lol!” he joked.

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However, these men have more in common than meets the eye.

The two men have a hand in Hollywood while Devon is known for producing Miracles from Heaven and Trai is an actor best known for his role as Andre on Empire. The two are also men of God and Trai almost gave up acting to become a preacher like Devon. Let’s not forget they are both married to two gorgeous actresses.

Passion + Purpose at #TheMergeSummit2016.

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There’s no denying that Meagan and Grace have great taste.