Tracy Morgan Talks Life After the Car Accident: ‘I Went To The Other Side’
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Last June, comedian Tracy Morgan suffered a nearly fatal car accident that claimed the life of his longtime friend and fellow comedian, James McNair.

One year later, Morgan is on the verge of a triumphant comeback— defying all the odds that nearly rendered him permanently brain damaged.

His recent successes like hosting Saturday Night Live, teaming up with Foot Locker and shooting a movie with Ice Cube, make it apparent that Morgan has found a new lease on life.

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Now the 47-year-old is speaking out about living life after his near death encounter.

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“You don’t die for a few weeks and then come back to normal, trust me. Something’s going to be missing, something’s going to be gained—you just got to live your life after that,” Morgan told Complex

In the candid interview, Morgan shared a supernatural experience where he said God spoke to him.

“Do you know what God said to me? He said, ‘Your room ain’t ready. I still got something for you to do.’ And here I am.”

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