In a surprising turn of events, Tracee Ellis Ross has announced that she will not be returning to BET’s Reed Between the Lines when the second season airs next summer.

Ross released a statement to the LA Times saying that Reed Between the Lines is a show she believes in and cares about, and that there might be a chance she’ll return later down the line.

There’s no word yet on why Ross has departed the series where she played Carla, a mom, career-woman and wife to Alex Reed, played by Malcolm Jamal Warner. The show’s first season chronicled Carla and Alex’s loving marriage as they balanced raising three children amid busy careers. Some viewers considered the sitcom akin to a modern-day version of The Cosby Show. When Reed Between the Lines returns next July, the couple will be separated, with Carla moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career and Alex staying behind with the children in Atlanta.

Loretha Jones, BET’s president of original programming and news, told the LA Times that Ross is “an amazing talent,” adding, “we wish her nothing but the best and hope to work with her again in the future.”

Will you still tune in to Reed Between the Lines with Ross absent from the lineup?