Outraged that Gary Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price sold photos of the actor on his deathbed, Coleman’s “Diff’rent Strokes” co-star Todd Bridges is speaking out for his friend. “It really has offended everyone that knew Gary and loved Gary,” Bridges told “The Insider.” “He’s being used in death too…” In an interview with Radar Online, Bridges also gave insight into what life on “Diff’rent Strokes” was like for Coleman, saying that “he never had time to find out who he was and be the kid he always should have been,” because he was always being pushed to much. “He was constantly being reminded of a show where you’ve had your worst times in your life – because when you’re gravely ill and rejecting a kidney, throwing up [and parents] forcing you to work,” Bridges told Radar. “When you go on hiatus, you should be resting the whole time before the next season starts and your parents send you right out to start working on movies.” When asked how he chooses to remember his friend, Bridges told “The Insider,” “I will choose to remember him as the funny, smart little kid who joked around, who had fun, who roller skated with me, [who made] club treehouses [with me] in our dressing rooms. That’s how I’m going to remember Gary.”