It’s common for women to be showered with loving gestures on Mother’s Day. Singers have penned dozens of odes to mamas everywhere who get pampered annually. Men, however, rarely get the same acknowledgment for the dedication they show their families. There are many women raising kids on their own, but there are also tons of doting dads out there who deserve a round of applause for the support they provide. Whether you’re committed or separated from the father of your child, you’ll always share a special bond, and you should choose a celebration that fits your dynamic. Here’s how to add the little ones to the equation to create lasting Father’s Day memories. The New Dad If you’ve just become parents, chances are you’re both sleep-deprived and adjusting to the new phase in your lives. Eventually, you’ll need a break, so arrange for a babysitter so you two can enjoy a romantic evening together. Think of activities that were pre-baby staple, and revisit your favorite restaurant to enjoy a candlelight dinner. Now that you have a child, your financial focus has probably shifted. But, if you save a little money and hunt for a good bargain, you can snag a fancy tech gadget or deep-tissue massage for your guy. Gifts aside, the most important thing he’ll want to hear is that he’s shaping up to be an excellent dad. A thoughtful card expressing the many ways he makes you and your baby smile will surely win him over. Already in the Rhythm Once you’ve exited the diaper stage, you should really involve your kids in the planning. You can wake them up early on Saturday morning and get started on breakfast in bed. Assign duties (stirring pancake mix or pouring cereal) and engage them in the activity, but also nurture their unique ideas. Simple construction paper and crayons will make for the best homemade cards that he can read while eating. If you have teens, select the best photos of them as babies and collaborate on an album. Let them write captions with their favorite memories on each image to send their father into a blissful nostalgia. You can also hold down the fort so he can take a fishing trip or go bowling with his buddies. A chores-free week for the hard-working man will also allow him to kick his feet up and realize how much he contributes to the team. The Empty Nest Whether your kids are away in college or have families of their own, it’s still important to put forth the Father’s Day effort. With busy schedules and lives of their own, getting the family in one location can be difficult. If possible, plan a surprise gathering with his favorite people. Go around the room and have everyone cite something meaningful about the impact he’s had on their lives. If your folks are scattered across the states, have them record tributes that you can compile in one video. Another option is to pool funds and get a joint gift, like that armchair he’s been eyeing or a new camera. As a couple, a weekend excursion or special outing is a nice way to not only celebrate the awesome people you’ve brought into the world, but it’s an opportunity to toast to the milestones you’ve crossed as a couple.