Tina Turner Achieves New Kind of Happiness at 73
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Last night, Oprah sat down with her beloved idol and dear friend Tina Turner for a one-hour interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

And although they have spoken on television numerous times, Turner revealed something new about herself.

At the age of 73, and a newly married woman, Turner has achieved a new kind of happiness as she faces the next phase of her life. As she puts it, she’s done the work—she’s earned her money, purchased her homes, taken care of her family and performed all over the world. “Now it’s pleasure,” explained the retired singer. “I’ve got great friends, I’ve had a great man in my life—now I have a great husband. And, I’m happy!”

Turner can only describe her current state of being as a type of happiness she never knew existed. In the past, she thought happiness meant buying materialistic items. According to Turner, she reached this new level of happiness because she simply desires nothing now. “First it’s a journey,” Turner began. “You’re born. You go through the journey. Then you leave the journey. Now, how you manage the journey is very, very important. I stayed on track. I stayed on course… I had a wish. My wish was to arrive here. Where I am today—in this frame of mind, in this physique, in this healthiness.”

“I have the house, I have the comfort, I have the cars, I have the jewelry, I have the peace of mind, I have the friends,” she explained. “What else is there to want? It sounds like nirvana to me.”