Tina Campbell Says She Had To Cancel Tour Because Of Low Ticket Sales
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It appears Tina Campbell’s 2017 plans are changing.

On Tuesday the gospel singer made the announcement that she would be cancelling her concert tour because of low sales.

“I’d like to say thank you to all who have purchased tickets for the It’s Still Personal Tour,” she said in an Instagram post. “Our hope is that all who have attended, have been thoroughly blessed. We are grateful for those who were planning to attend but our overall ticket sales haven’t shown that we have the support that we need to continue the tour at this time.”

Adding, “We’re convince that many more would love the opportunity to attend this praise filled, faith filled, entertaining, worship experience, so we have decided to give ourselves time to reach all of those people and bring this amazing tour back in the spring of 2018.”

Earlier in the month Campbell was under fire for admitting she not only voted from President Donald Trump but also is praying for him. 

“This man is not our God, and God has given us instruction for this man, which is to pray for him,” she told ESSENCE Now host Makho Ndlovu. 

“So me saying I stand with him means I pray for him, even now. I disagree with almost every decision the man is making but I still pray for him because he took an oath to represent this country. And we can say, ‘He’s not my president.’ But he’s still the president of America and God gave us a responsibility to pray for him.”

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