On December 3, MSNBC announced that they would be giving political analyst Tiffany Cross her own weekend show starting on December 12. It will air for two hours on Saturdays at 10 am.

“It will be a different experience,” Cross said to MSNBC political analyst Jason Johnson on “AM Joy.”

Cross will be partially taking over hosting duties for Joy Reid, who was the host of “AM Joy” until July 2020, which is when she was promoted to primetime. Reid began hosting the “The ReidOut,” a 7 pm nightly news program that made her one of the only Black, nightly major news anchors.

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Cross will share responsibilities with journalist Jonathan Capehart, who will host his own show on Sundays. Capehart is an opinion writer for the Washington Post.

Cross also spoke about what viewers can expect from her as a host, saying, “I want this show to be accessible for the corporate climber with the corner office on Wall Street, as well as the dude whose check cashing place is the bank account on the corner.” She wants people of all kinds to be able to fully understand the intricacies of government, and will spend time making sure that “everyone feels welcomed.”

Cross shared that she will have three franchises within the new show: “Make It Make Sense,” “Who Got Next?” and “Cross Talk.” During the conversation with Johnson, she said she’s hoping “Make It Make Sense” will go viral weekly. “I really want people to flood my inbox, flood the hashtag, contribute all of your questions…tell your students to submit questions,” Cross said. “I really believe when people understand government better, it gives them a better sense of their own agency and their role in the American body politics.”

To see the full clip of Johnson’s interview with Cross, click here.