If your morning routine is anything like ours, you know that time isn’t necessarily on your side, and breakfast is simply an afterthought. But just like you plan your outfits the night before, so should you a healthy morning meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; you’ve heard this from your mother and probably right before you took the SATs, but it’s true. Just think about it; you’ve practically spent the last eight hours stranded in a desert (sleeping); your body has had neither food nor water. Reloading with a hearty breakfast will help you jumpstart your day and outlast a hectic schedule, not to mention, keep you in shape! Early morning meals combat unhealthy, mid-day snacks. Believe us, we know changing habits is hard, that’s why we’ve made it easy. From quick and delicious breakfast ideas, to preparation, we’ve got you covered with six great tips.


Planning your morning meal is as important as planning your wardrobe. Both give you the confidence you need to get through the day. Simple tasks like cutting up fresh fruits and vegetables the night before, freezing your Buttermilk Waffles from the weekend, which you can easily pop in the toaster, or creating baggies filled with healthy, dry cereals will get you ahead of the game.


Update your grandma’s recipe. Traditional breakfast favorites like oatmeal or grits don’t have to be a bore. Instead of cooking your oatmeal in boiled water, use boiled apple juice for an extra kick. (Oatmeal with Dried Cherries and Walnuts) Spruce up southern style (instant) grits by adding pre-cleaned shrimp, which cooks very fast.


Food products are good right down to the last drop. So, instead of throwing out the ends of your loaf of bread, create a Tipsy French Toast budget breakfast. Add some toppings from your batch of freshly, cut fruit.


Take the easy route. Grab an apple or a banana on your way out the door, or add milk to a cup of whole wheat cereal to eat on your way to the office.


Shake it. After cutting up all that fruit, this might be your best option. Keep leftovers from spoiling or going to waste and create an early morning smoothie. (Orange-Kiwi Smoothie)


Bake it. Scones and muffins make perfect on-the-go snacks. What’s even better, you can bake a set before hand, leaving you with a enough for the whole week. (Sweet Potato-Raisin Scones)


Check back for more great breakfast ideas.