Coffee Talk: Dwayne Johnson Named 2013’s Most Bankable Star
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See what we’ve got bubbling over in the coffee pot:

• Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is Hollywood’s most bankable star of 2013. According to new listings, Johnson’s four films of the year grossed a combined $1.3 billion in ticket sales. He edged out 2012’s most bankable star, Robert Downey Jr., who landed in second place with $1.2 billion. Other notable stars who proved they could bring in the big bucks this year include Steve Carell and Sandra Bullock. [People]

• In other year-end roundups, Google released its top searches of the year. Apparently, many folks didn’t know what twerking, ricin, DOMA, molly or gluten was in 2013. These words were the top five most searched terms of the year. Sequestration, Obamacare, lupus, Snapshot and bitcoin rounded out the top 10. [Grio]

• TIME magazine named Questlove the “coolest” person of 2013. Not that it’s a surprise to anyone, but the magazine broke down why he’s had such an awesome year. According to their research, he’s writing two books, composing music for Inside Amy Schumer, he developed an awesome website for alternative musicians, he regularly deejays in Brooklyn, he’ll be the bandleader for The Tonight Show and he deejayed 13 weddings in 2013. [TIME]

• NBC announced plans to air a sequel to the mega popular miniseries The Bible. A.D. will follow the era after Jesus’ death, which was “fueled by social injustice, Roman military oppression and religious unrest.” The sequel won’t make it to the small screen until spring 2015. [E! Online]

• Tulane University senior Jeramey Anderson is officially the youngest person to serve in Mississippi’s House of Representatives. He won the seat with 60 percent of the vote. “I was going to stick to municipal government and, in my opinion, it’s go big or go home,” said Anderson. “I felt that with that position opening up I felt like my service would be better off in that capacity than in a local position.” [Huffington Post]